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What materials can I cut, engrave and mark with a laser machine?
2021-09-17 10:58:55 technical college

There is a wide range of laserable materials that can be permanently marked and cut with a laser machine. The ability to transform everyday materials into business opportunities makes a laser machine one of the best investments you can make. Here is a list of common materials that can be laser engraved: 

Granite. Popular applications include personalization of granite memorials, granite counter tops, outdoor signage and flooring.
Brick and Stone. Applications include, but aren't limited to: fundraising bricks, stepping stones, retaining walls and landscaping features.
Glass and Crystal. There are many applications for glass and crystal, some of the more popular include: awards, personalized gifts, interior and furniture design and glass packaging. (Jars of food, bottles for drinks, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals.
Wood. Applications for wood are quite vast, and include: custom flooring, cabinets, furniture, gun stocks, personalized gifts, business cards, signage, awards and integrating into schools/universities.
Plastics and Acrylic. Applications include: indoor and outdoor signage, plastic part marking/cutting and architectural mock-ups.
Metal. Popular metal applications include: metal part marking (tools, machine parts etc.), automotive applications, personalization of firearms, jewelry, metal urns and awards. (coated metals can be successfully engraved/marked, however un-coated, bare metals require a marking compound.)
 Rubber. The most common rubber applications are tire marking, rubber stamp creation and part handles.
 Fabric. Applications for fabric engraving and cutting include fashion design, interior design and textile creation/modification.

A better question to ask is "what materials can't be modified with a laser engraving and cutting machine"? If you'd like to have your material tested in our applications lab, email us or call us directly.

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