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The best method of metal cutting in laser cutting machine
2022-10-13 11:21:16 technical college

This paper mainly discusses different types of laser cutting machines. Accurate metal cutting requires high-precision equipment and skilled operators. These are some ways to make metal cutting as effective as possible.
Laser cutting is very popular in metal processing plants.
Because it has many uses and can cut metal into any shape, it has great flexibility.
The technology is based on light beams focused on an area to generate strong heat that can penetrate and remove metal.
The laser cutting machine can automatically cut many times per minute, so it can be used for large batch projects.
The best method of metal cutting in laser cutting machine
Water jet
The water jet cutter uses high pressure water flow and garnet (sand). These pumps are driven by pumps that are strong enough to cut metal up to 8 inches thick.
A small amount of injected water is useful for metals that are very heat sensitive.
The aerospace industry sometimes prefers water knives to lasers.
CNC milling machine
CNC milling machines began to appear in the early 1960s, when computer numerical control technology began to emerge.
CNC machine tools have developed into multi task machine tools (MTM) that can handle various tasks based on programming.
CNC milling machines include rotary platforms that can be easily cut and are often used by manufacturers to make metal tools.
One of the main reasons for using CNC machine tools is to cut unique angles or shapes on metal.
These machines are further defined by the number of shafts they provide.
The more axes you add, the wider the range of tasks the machine can perform.
The machine is equipped with a one-stop tool changer to speed up the manufacturing process.

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